Why choose us?

The best tools, ease-of-use, innovation, and reliability.

The best tools. Choose from a wide variety of professional-looking, customizable templates. Add engaging applications--like photos, video, blogs, forums, and maps--to communicate your business vision, find out what customers are saying, and ensure that customers can reach you. You can even generate revenue on your website with a Web Store.

Easy to use. We provide users with such intuitive tools that anyone--even those with few or no technical skills--can create stellar websites easily, quickly, and by themselves. That's because our templates and one-click applications do most of the work for you; you simply add in your content and publish. It's that simple.

Innovative. We constantly add new applications to give our users access to the latest web trends; we were one of the first site builders to integrate with Facebook, for example. Our mobile website app can turn your site into a mobile site. Plus, our SEO tools get your site found on search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

Reliable. Webs leverages over a decade of experience in helping small businesses create and host websites. Award-winning customer support is available online if and when you need it. We stand behind our products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your site.
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