Create a Free Website

Get A Free Website in 3 Easy Steps!
This tutorial gives you the tools you need to create a simple and effective website with ease and it's completely free!

You need a money making subject
  • Go to Step-2 if you already have a topic for your new site.
  • If you don't have an idea for a topic or subject, get one here: (Find a Profitable Topic in Free!)
  • Confused about what is free, who owns the site, etc. ?
    • Hint: Visit the FAQ page to learn more
Register with Free Website building program
  • Go to the Weebly or Wordpress site building program sign-up page
  • Use your current email address to Signup for any above site building program 
  • Enter your site topic (eg. <my-website-name>)
    • Hint: Your URL will look like http://www.your site or http://www.your site
  • Pick a Theme, Description, Public/Private and the 'code-word'; then click 'Create' and you're done !
    • Hint: Login to your Weebly or Wordpress service account to get access to your new web site
    • Hint: Visit the New User page for help in getting started with your new site
Build your First Web Page in Free
  • Click on the 'Pencil' button (upper-right of page, first of 4 buttons) to enter the Edit Mode
  • Enter the page title in the upper text-box
  • Enter some page text in the larger page-body text-box -- What You See Is What You Get
  • Click 'Save' button at the top of the page
    • Hint: Visit the How-To page for more editing help
Don't like the long URL?
Get a domain name for your new Website
  • Don't like the long URL of your new site?
  • Want a URL like ?
  • Your registered domain can be easily linked to your new site
    • Hint: Visit the Domain Name page for detailed instructions
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