Promote your website online in free

The goal is to become creative and to target your promotions specifically for the type of audience you hope to attract. The vast expanse of the web has no limits. There are a plenty number of places where people can spend time socializing, learning, Playing and Shopping. Now think : Your website is just one among millions. How will web users ever find it in the endless online world?

Does this discourage you? Are you ready to abandon your web promotion efforts because your website doesn’t get much traffic? Don’t.

This article will give you ideas, some quick and some more involved, to make your site findable, to drive traffic to it in Free, and to let more people know about your site.

Looking to expand your promotional channels? Check out a list of free sites through which you can promote your website in Free!

Bookmarking (Social Media ) Sites
There are more than hundreds of free sites that you can sign up and submit your website at. Bookmarking social media sites, help readers to bookmark favorite sites, links and online news articles are a great way to spread information about your latest blog post and gain quality back-links.
Online Free Directories
Through targeted searches, online directories help you gain more visibility and increase your website search engine ranking. You can submitt your website at :
Online Article Marketing
If you are feeling comfortable to write an article then write an article specific for your niche interest. It is a good way to generate notoriety both for yourself and your business, product and website.
Online Press Releases
If you recently introduced a new site, writing and submitting a free press release can help generate a bit of buzz about it. In addition, if your press release has links back to your website, it can be an excellent source of search engine juice.
It is important to note that the links provided above are not an all inclusive list and that there are many more free ways and sites available for promoting your website for free. 
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