Should I choose free web hosting?

The only real benefit to free web hosting is that it doesn't cost anything. Free hosting is suitable for personal web pages. Because the majority are supported by advertising, they are not ideal for any serious business. If you plan to run a business on your site, free hosting is great for testing your site and preparing the pages, but not good for running the business unless you can turn off the free hosting services.

Why You Should Not Choose Free Web Hosting?

  • Your free web host may allow you to create a website, but it will be limited.
  • Free web hosting is known for not having very good up-time.
  • Free web hosting doesn't offer as much bandwidth or storage space as a paid hosting company would.
  • A free web hosting company will not give you good customer support most of the time like a paid host would.

Almost Free Web Hosting
If you're a business owner whose success is riding on your website's traffic, you should consider the benefits you'll enjoy when you buy Web hosting services. And in case you’d like to host your lovely website with much more reliable and customer focused web hosting provider that a free web host can not afford, and if you do not mind to pay few dollars for the advanced service, you might be interested to consider the following website hosting providers that offer quite cheap (almost free hosting) service:

  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • BigRock

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