15 Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers & Views Fast (2019)

15 Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers & Views Fast (2019)

15 Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers & Views Fast (2019 Hello Buddies, I am going to share a complete guide on how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2019 with simple and easy ways. I am working and researching on YouTube since 2011. Before 2016, It was very easy to get subscribers on YT Because, there was less creators then viewers. These are some powerful strategies that I used personally.

I’m going share each and everything so you can do what I did to get subscribers from zero to 500K.
Here is a complete list of top 15 ways that will help you to get fast subscribers & views on YouTube.

1- Create And Publish Long Videos (More than 10 Minutes)

Actually, Long videos is a very important factor to rank your videos on YouTube search results. Because, YouTube wants that their users spent more time on their platform. And, it is important to gain subscribers because long videos have much content as compare to small videos. Do you know? Long videos also help you to complete your watch time to get approval for monetization. As we know that, In order to earn money from our YouTube channel we need to complete the criteria of 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Hours watch time.

2- Just Focus on Quality Not Quantity

I see many channels and creators on YouTube that they are making and publishing 5-10 videos daily and they just focused on quantity not quality and even they don’t get enough subscribers and views. Why? Because, they are not focused on quality of content. Without quality how you can expect that someone like and subscriber your channel. I know many channels that they just uploaded 10-20 videos and got thousands of subscribers and million views. So, Please be focused on your content quality, helpful content.


3- Use Social Lower Thirds and Subscribe Button

It’s an amazing thing to make your video more professional. It’s trending to use social media lower thirds and subscribe and bell icon animation. You will get subscribers as well as followers on social media. It will be plus for you to add social lower thirds, subscriber bell button animation, like and share etc.

4- Make first 30 seconds of your video audience attractive

It’s one of the important thing to get your audience attention on your videos to make first 30 seconds amazing and heart killing. In which, you should tell some things really helpful or something that will answer your viewer by which they are watching your video.
According to some communities and experts, that users decide to watch your video in just first 30 seconds. If you have something amazing, then viewers will stay otherwise leave your video without watching more.

5- Create a Wonderful Channel Intro or Trailer

Why Channel Intro or Trailer is important? Because, it shows your work quality, profession and passion. Now, you may think about work quality, level and passion. I have a single answer, that the more you work on your video quality the more you are serious about. I see many people that they just upload their videos without any editing. People like videos that have editing and wonderful animations. It’s just like a bread without butter 😉

6- Set End Screen and Cards

The more people watches your videos the more chances they’ll subscribe your channel. If someone watch your video first time and they feel that you shared right thing and if they see more videos on suggestion or after the video ends, they must click on your another video. So, That’s why End screen and cards will helpful to get more subscribers. You should use these on your videos.

7- Provide Top Niche Quality Content

Definitely, Content is a king. The more you’ve quality content the more people you’ll get. We are in a 20th century and it is the century of advancements. People like to see and learn new things not old nor useless. So, if you’re working on the things that people already done it then you’re just wasting your time. Do something unique, amazing and interesting. However, it’s difficult and time taking but there’s more chances you grow fast. Your success rate will be double. Because, there’s no competitor of you.

8- Respond Every Comment With Value

It is one of the most common approach to convince your viewers to be subscribed. If you will respond every comment either it is right or wrong but mannerly then some negative people will also subs. Comments will also help you to viral your videos.

9- Do Complete Search Engine Optimization

Without Search Engine Optimization, you can’t rank your videos on Google Search Engine and YouTube search results. SEO will rank your videos and ranked videos get more views and the more views have more chances to get subs.  But you should do white hat seo however it’s slow but it is right.

Try to use these awesome tools TubeBuddy and Google Adword Keyword Planner for the best SEO results and both are free.

10- Share Videos on Social Media Platform

Today, there are billions of monthly active user on social media platforms. It’s necessary to share your videos on social media platforms to get more views and subscribers.

11- Embed Your Videos on Blogs

There are millions of blogs have heavy traffic on their websites. You should embed your videos on your blog as well on other blogs even if they will charge some amount but you will get much views in just few hours. You can also make backlinks. For more read our article below.

12- Make Your Videos Thumbnails Attractive & Real

According to me and some experts, Thumbnails is a backbone of your videos views.

13- Publish Powerful Playlist

You should make powerful playlist on each topic or category on which you’re making videos. Because, Playlist’s is a collection of videos on each thing. If viewers will see your playlist the they want your more videos.

14- Provide Real solutions

If you do everything but skipping this thing then you’re doing very big mistake. This is the first and foremost thing to be focused on. This is what really appeals you more than the other things. If you’re solving people problems and providing solutions, then people definitely subscriber your channel even you are following this way ( Solve People Problems ) and skipping other 14 steps that are listed here. So, please make sure you’re doing this.

15- Give Extra Value To Audience

At last, You should value your audience. Simple rule is that below

“The more value you give the more value you get.”



We hope you exactly know these 15 Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers & Views Fast (2019). Please tell us your opinion via the comment section below. Thanks & Good Luck!

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