30+ Profitable YouTube Channel Ideas – Best Niches

Today, I’m going to share with you best 30+ Profitable YouTube channel ideas in 2019 or Best Niches to go with. Starting a profitable YouTube channel in 2019 takes a lot of research and hard work. Without research and selection of trending and best niche, your channel is just like bread without butter. For newbies, coming up with the right niche is a challenging part. As we know, there are millions of channels and thousands of channels in each category.

Are you looking for the best & profitable niche or topic for your new YouTube channel? Or you are worried about a high competition in 2019? Then Don’t Worry!

Because, 😉 I’m going to share some YouTube channel ideas are still available that will be easier than others to start making money with. So, if you wanted to start a YouTube channel but worried it challenging to think of the channel topic, this article is the best thing you’ll get it today. I would even recommend you to bookmark it and check it regularly for updates.

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Have a Question? So what makes a successful YouTuber?

Actually, it should be a topic that you care about and you love to do. Starting your channel just to make money on YouTube is a craze of money and time pass. Because Big YouTuber’s are making a lot of money from doing what they love and have interest or knowledge. Therefore, It is very easy to do work on what you are doing regularly. Let’s take an example. Females are cooking regularly and they love to try new recipes every day. Why?? Because It’s all about our interest. That’s why cooking is the best category for them and they can make a lot of videos fast and easy to grow their channels.

So, What I”ll deliver you?

30+ Profitable YouTube Channel – Best YouTube Niches 2019

Then, the niche should be Important that you are knowledgeable about, or you are willing to learn lots about. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert. We are working for the last 12 years on different projects of Information Technology. We spent more than 7 days to complete research on the Internet to make a complete list of top 50 channel ideas based on hot and trending channels and community surveys.

List of Top 30 YouTube Channel Ideas That Makes A Lot Of Money – Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

1 – Products Unboxing

Product Unboxing is one of the top-earning youtube channels. Because new products or devices are launching on a daily basis and people want to see first look and review. Like Smartwatches and other IoT devices from tech companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, etc. You can get millions of views and subscribers easily within a very short time by just uploading product unboxing videos. That means you can grow and get success easily and fast. I also shared a few youtube channels examples below for just motivation.

  1.  Unbox Therapy

2 – Tech & Gadgets Reviews

Tech and Gadgets are also similar to the unboxing channel niche but have another thing that is not on product reviews that is tech talk and information videos. People make videos on tech & gadgets for the reaction and reviews so people can understand it for education. This niche also very popular these days, so you can make a lot of money by just spending a little money. You can make 1000$ easily from 4-5 videos after gaining thousands or millions of views.


3 – Gaming Videos

Ahh! This is one of the most trending youtube niches that have millions of youtube channels but still have 1000% chances to grow. Because there are many types of viewers that are based on demographics such as genders (Male & Female), Age (18-50), etc. Thousands of games are launching every day. It still highly demands creator or gamers to make videos on it. So, If you’re a gamer or love to play games then you can earn good money by uploading your videos to teach people. You may know that PubG is also one of the trending games in 2019.


4 – Life Hacks Videos

Life Hacks videos are getting a good amount of views and money by making something which is helpful for us from wasteful material.
You don’t need to spend big money on this but need a mastermind to make new things. Anyways, this type of channel can give you at least 3000$-5000$ monthly based on your quality and content.

5 – Social Experiments

Nowadays, Social Experiments is trending and most watching videos. These videos want from you just time, not money. These videos play an important role to give lessons to our society. So, people like to see what happened on these experiments and that’s why they can’t stop clicking on these videos. You can grow easily but need some patience and hard work. 

6 – Pranks & Entertainment

I don’t think that you’re not familiar with these channels if you are searching a niche for your channel. These videos are trending on the top of the youtube results. But pranks videos are not easy to shoot because it is very difficult to handle people publicly. You need high confidence to make videos awesome and realistic in order to create high-quality content.  So, people like and subscribe to your channel. Your personality must be like a comedian and prank star.

7 – Videos Reactions

Video reaction is one of the most popular ideas for YouTube nowadays. The individual and group of people are reacting to new famous videos like television series episodes, pranks, documentary, experiments, entertainment videos, celebrities, events, sports, new technology, film trailers, and music or songs videos that are very interesting for viewers. These videos show real or emotional reactions when people watch their videos.

8 – Fail Compilation

Fail compilation is something funny and interesting thing at the moment. In my life, when I watch these videos it must bring a smile to my face. Somehow to feel very sad for people stupid reactions but you could watch hundreds of times fail compilation videos for lightening your mood. You should share with your friends and social media with background sounds and funny moments. 

Example of the channel: Fail Army 

9 – Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is very important for a good and happy healthy life. If you like to do exercise and want body fitness. You can explore ideas and share your knowledge and experience with people. People are searching for these channels to get information and several ideas or methods of exercise and fitness of your body. You should create animations in your videos. 

The example of the channel:Jordan Yeoh Fitness

10 – Cooking Videos

Today Cooking Videos is one of the most interesting and loving ideas for YouTube channel cooking. If you have passionate about cooking the food, then you have just one camera and also make videos at home in your kitchen for any recipe. You should be sharing your friends and Facebook page to viral the videos.

11 – Daily Vlogging

Daily Vlogging is a daily routine idea to make your videos at home or any activity to perform in your life. When you are going to school or travel and any kind of healthy work to watch people reality on YouTube. If you are living in a village, you also make videos Vlog with green fields and farming routine work in your area or town. In the morning routine and your real environment make you popular for viewers.

12 – Travel Vlogging

Travel Vlogging is one of the amazing popular niches on YouTube. World travel is a dream of everyone in life, but then you have a lot of money for your expenses. But don’t worry Vlogging is your best solution today to cover your travel and taste food expense. You must be confident yourself and make videos like places experiences, beautiful memories and people who are interesting in new technology or place or restaurant.  

The example of channel: Erik Conover

13 – Food Reviews

Amazing foodies, I spend most of the hours watching Food Reviews videos. YouTubers to take information and taste of Foodies on local places and food streets. It’s the best idea that you have a camera in your hand to review nearby restaurants or new launches in your town or city. If you are interested in foodie and love to tour new places and restaurants, then you should be created a channel of food review. It takes easy to your areas or city to all the restaurant’s food reviews. 

14 – Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen hacks are magic tricks to use for cutting vegetables, meat or other foods using some gadgets and tools. This category you need to must be showing kitchen clean and neat. A huge market who are liking to cook, it should be useful for learning fast and neat cooking tricks or experience. Your life should be easier in the kitchen you become an expert in watching these videos. 

15 – Photography

Photography is one of the famous fields nowadays. If you can like tours and travels then you have the best niche for YouTube to target viewers like your content. It is a wonderful art, application, and review for tech gadgets reviews such as best cameras for photographs. You can create your channel to telling about photography tips and different ideas for making more beautiful pictures.  

16 – Makeup & Styling

Makeup & Styling a large market trend for the majority of women beauty to safe from dust or skin color. Makeup also used for daily routine life for professionals and other special occasions. The uses of different products improve your look and personality. If you are interested in beauty tips or makeup hacks then it a great opportunity for you. Because this category boosts up your viewers in huge numbers in the world audience. People want to look beautiful and more attractive or pleasing. 

17 – Hairstyles & Care

After makeup beauty tips Hairstyles & Care, you must look more beautiful with your hairstyle. A haircut is also another magic trick to change your look with a beautiful hairstyle of cutting. If you are facing these kinds of problems then it must be learning from your channel to attract people, but you can keep in protection and stylish. The similar categories in hairstyle such as ideas or giving solutions for short hairs, hair product reviews, how to stop hair fall.  

18 – How-to Videos

How-to Videos the largest niche and every kind of audience that are facing problems or unknown products for users that cannot use in life. It could be the best niche for you to telling about solutions to different things, tech problems. You must can awareness and expertise knowledge of modern technology, lifestyle, food and also those things that you are giving solutions to your audience. How to videos rely on many categories that you are like to make videos on related topics. It’s something such as an experiment for you that you are observing and solve.     

19 – Interesting Stories

Interesting stories decide your audience to importance and interest in your story or world incident. The interesting stories also based on telling you important news that is motivating or giving the lessons. A huge number of story records as documentary, you must be told about in your language to the people. The different categories of interesting stories might give you inspiration, fun, moral for learning of your life.

20 – Animated Short Films

Animated Short Films develop new trends of YouTube market that are saving a large number of audiences in animation stories. This category relies on a team or a group that works with very good capability and talented people. It also enjoyable for kids to generate a huge niche for your channels. If you know about some of your people skills that are interesting in this niche you must be the start of your channel with a good investment.  

21- Price Comparison

Price Comparison is one of the interesting niches to compares one or more products or tech gadgets price. You have just one camera and tripod stand require to start your channel. The Price comparison relies on product features and quality to make a difference with price. Some of the products different features based on low quality at high prices. You just tell the comparison analysis with price and features. 

22 – City Tours

City Tours is a sub-category of traveling but it generates a great profit if you have done perfectly. You just target your country cities instead of traveling to other countries with long-distance and expenses. You will record and make videos to your city’s beautiful places. It is one of the wonderful opportunities for you to explore the great places that missing out on other world travelers. It’s one of the marketing categories to paid promotion for city restaurants or tech application review for users through your channel and earns money.   

23 – World Rankings

World rankings vidoes tells about ups and down with country progress. According to their history, what a number that country is relying on today in the world. This niche is telling about very interesting information and knowledge of world progress year by year. The world ranking is very important existence if any country to check their overall research on their economy. You must use animations in your channel’s videos for clearly understand to viewers ups and down the comparison. 

24 – Drawings & Sketching

If you like to make drawings and sketching why are you waiting for something other? You can start your mission with the YouTube channel to target audiences such as nursery kids or school kids to watch your tutorials daily basis. You can just follow the steps and teach properly like a teacher. You can only earn the money in this niche but you can know as a celebrity for everyone must you be appreciated.

25 – Pets & Animals

Pets & Animals niche targets every kind of audience to find out feeling cute and happily. Sometimes when you are feeling alone, the pet can quickly improve your mood and immediately awake up to running. You can mostly make the video for your pet doing cute things and upload it on YouTube. You can also make informative useful videos like nutrition, discipline to help so big.  

26 – Motivational Videos

Motivational Videos help us inspiration today’s life is living in ups and down for achieving something but in your aim, you must face these stages sad feelings, failures in your goals, challenges, problems. But don’t worry today you have a big opportunity for yourself and help others to wake up in your life for success by watching the motivational & inspirational videos. It needs high communication skills and confidence to create these videos with a perfect niche. 

27 – Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the most common and very high-level audience which wishes to demand to change their lifestyles with new fashion and modern types of personality lookup. If you have a knowledge of lifestyle with different categories such as finance, relationship, dating, health to share advice on channel videos. It will also be helping in the field of selling your products, books, courses. You can ask your viewers to describe what they are facing, and then you can help you through making videos on that topic. 

28 – Magic Tricks

Magic tricks is also greatest and most demanding niches on YouTube to grow audience fast. You can just experience the internet or books and mastermind thinking like a clever trick to increase interest in your audience to feel the excitement and enjoy. You have skills in using digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Premier.   

29 – Educational Tutorials

Educational Tutorials, if you love to teach others then you can just create your channels like a school teacher or college lecturer. You can get a handsome salary from this niche on YouTube to teach and utilize your teaching and special skills. You can teach also digital marketing courses in this modern field of life. You can become a popular teacher in the digital world and your school audience.   

30 – Yoga & Exercise

Yoga is one of the fastest ways to teach about yoga classes at home without traveling to make your videos. If you are interested in this niche, yoga is a physical aspect of the body but also growth your mental and spiritual level. When you are facing more problems and stress yoga is recommended for everyone to feel better lifestyles. You can create your channel to learn others.

31 – Restaurants Reviews

Restaurants Reviews is the best idea that you have a camera in your hand to review nearby restaurants or new launches to taste food quality to compare other restaurant’s food tastes in your town or city. If you are interested in foodie and love to tours for new places and restaurants, then you should be created a channel of a restaurant review. It takes easy to your areas or city to all the restaurant’s food reviews. 

YouTube Blog Niches Related FAQ’s

1- What is the best topic for channel or profitable YouTube niches?

If you’re searching an idea for your YouTube channel then, here are already 30+ most popular YouTube niches. You can select one of them from below.
– Gaming Videos
– Gadgets & Technology Reviews
– Vlogging
– Social Experiments
– Prank & Entertainment

2- What YouTube video gets the most views 2019?

According to the YouTube statistics, the 96% of the most watched videos were comedy and music videos. Top 100 Brands are uploading videos to YouTube every 18.5 minutes.

3- How profitable is a YouTube channel?

Here are few steps for starting a successfull youtube channel.
– Plan your content with complete research on topic and keywords.
– Add extra unique value in your content (Which your competitors are not doing).
– Do efforts to make it amazing with professional editing.
– Do complete search engine optimization (SEO) of your videos.
– Build your connections and share videos on social media platforms.

4- What is the fastest growing YouTube channel right now?

Entertainment & Comedy is the fastest growing YouTube niche ideas for 2019

5- Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels (& Search Volume)

– Markiplier (7,786,000)
– Jake Paul (7,245,000)
– Pewdiepie (7,190,000)
– Pogan Paul (6,863,000)
– Jacksepticeye (6,600,000)
– Dantdm (5,820,000)
– Ricegum (4,190,000)
– Snl Channel (3,930,000)
– Game Grumps ( 3,578,000)
– Popularmmos (2,990,000)

6- How many views do you need on YouTube to make money?

Actually, Views are also common factor to make money from YouTube but it is totally depends on RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions or CPC (Cost Per Click). The more people watch your videos the more chances they give impressions. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad or watches for 30 seconds.

7- How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?

It is not specified that you will earn the specific money when you get 1Million views. It is based on your targeted audience from which country they are watching and clicking on your ads. Basically, CPC (Cost per Click) is always different in every country, like the highest CPC niche and country targeting give you highest earnings. e.g United States (30$), Canada (28$), India (3$) etc.

8- Who Is Highest Paid YouTuber 2019?

These are buddies who are the in 2019.

Jeffree Star: $50 Million
– Daniel Middleton: $45 Million
– Colleen Ballinger: $30 Million
– Felix Kjellberg: $20 Million
– Jake Paul: $19 Million

9- How do I become a successful YouTuber?

You need to follow these steps and formulae in order to become a successful Youtuber in 2019.

Formulae: Patience + Consistency + Hardwork = Success

10- What are the creative and best YouTube channel ideas?

There are few creative ideas for YouTube channel.
– Ranking Videos
– Gardening Videos
– Home Decoration
– Business Ideas
– Interviews

11- YouTube ideas for kids?

Kids can make videos on toys and gadgets, playing and fun videos.


We hope, this information will be helpful for you to make a decision about your channel. We will update this post in the future. I would like you to bookmark this website. Thanks and happy start! 🙂

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