Latest: Best Alternatives Text-sheet Sites for Study (2020)

Best Alternatives Text-sheet Sites for Study:

Text-sheet Alternatives: Text-sheet was a popular website, and it is viral among students for finding answers. This website has experienced massive popularity in a short span. The site has provided solutions for free. Each guide was available with API technology. Students were always trying to solve their assignments without making any effort. In this situation, the text-sheet achieved a massive success than other any portal. Students liked this platform because it can provide services free of cost. A million students around the globe used it to save time and complete their assignments on time. 

TextSheet services are rising with the use of a million people. The internet site made students blissed out. Over time, it can manifest so that TextSheet became blind. It can steal content for providing the solution to the students. It can commence to misusing other website’s information ever. That’s why it can found problems of solutions easily for students. This can occur made TextSheet become highlighted. Besides, it had to answers copyright violations. There was no further update form site. The website completely blocked according to news updates. 

I am here today to tell you some of the websites that are alternative to text-sheet; each of them is full of features and simple to use for everyone:

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1. Chegg   

It is an educational platform, which can, along with Santa Clara, California. It is trendy for providing homework help. If you want to get an online textbook for rentals and scholarships, Textsheet Chegg can provide a variety of services. This online platform is helpful for both college and university students. The service can also involve academics and assignment solutions. Almost all answers are available for each question whatever you want to need. In other cases, sometimes you don’t find the appropriate response, you can consult with the professor. It can offers solutions to 6400 universities. 


2. Course hero

The course hero is one of the websites like a TextSheet. It such an easy to get quick answers to questions and multiple relevant queries. It has 30 million users on its platform worldwide, with also 25 million online courses. Both are Students and tutors upload their courses with solutions. They find content around the world and upload it. You will get answers to assignments questions related to history or finance. The course hero provides content in several types like literature, science, and other subjects.

This is one of the best critical addresses for solving problems, and it can provide 24/7 homework aid, personalized coaching from subject experts. You can also get study guides, and class notes, videos, and step by step guides will guide you better. There are two types of options available: One is “Earn free access” and second “Paid membership”. By earning free access, you can upload your academics documents. Then it lets you complete your task. You can get the “Instant Access” by following for premium membership ($9.95/month). 


3. Crazy for study  

Crazy for study sites like Textsheet work as a backbone for many students. This website platform sees 30,292 unique visitors per day, along with 181,752 page views. It has 50 million books that can make it liable and helpful for students. It is an excellent platform in providing speedy solutions to question or queries. You can solve their queries in maths, engineering, physics, history, and also computer science. It is effortless to relate to the books prescribed via respective institutions. Millions of users prefer to it, with the ability to change the academic life.


4. Slader

Another TextSheet alternative is a Slader which can stand for providing all the features. It can give answer keys based on the USA syllabus. This independent platform offers the best questions and answers. At present, there has been an improvement in the quality of college-level students to solve their problems. Its also increased database is making it accessible to students around the world.

The clean and straightforward interface lets the students get free services. When you select to pay 2$ for its subscription, you can enjoy the ad-free account. The answers of keys are available for subjects like Mathematics and English. It is providing content for science, law, and more. I can mention it as the best alternative of the Textsheet because it has a better looking U.I. and functionality of TextSheet. You can also get easy answers for all the questions along with the explanation like you can use to get on Textsheet.

You have options both free and paid versions of their site. The only difference creates between the paid, and the free version has advertisements on every page, and the paid version could not have any ads. If you are looking for a perfect Textsheet alternative with a similar experience, slader give a shot you won’t be disappointed. 

You can find out the Textbook of various subjects: 





5. Paperhelp

Paperhelp keeps its effort to solve the queries. This TextSheet alternative provides a solution in various fields. It can also offer the custom writing portal. It remains a modern outlook, and a systematic approach can save you time. The critical solutions are available to scholars, college students, etc. You can feel enjoy the benefits of the correct high-quality answer. Besides, if you want to need an essay or other writing services, you can require to fill your details. It’s a time to grab the services with the online website or apps that can work on android and ios. 


6. Sparknotes

Sparknotes is one of the most popular companies, which can provide answer keys to queries. It is the best learning tool that can be useful for school students. You will get answers relevant to literature, poetry. They maintain the quality of services in every domain. With 100000 people use Sparknotes for engaging the content and solutions. The comprehensive summaries make learning and understanding effortless for students. Sparknotes is the right place to develop your knowledge and ability.

With the help of this platform, you can also build a prosperous academic life. You can prepare your test with the help of SparkNotes to read books and online content. These aids can help to crack competitive exams like SAT, ACT, GRE. 

Math and Science

Social science

Written works


7. study-lib

Studia offers overall the study guides and is a TextSheet alternative for students. You can quickly solve your homework and assignments. It has a purely organized layout. This platform guides students to exchange notes. If you can select to upload all the files for studying, you can get access to them after some time. Digital flashcards are also available to get the necessary information. You can select any subjects like Science, Maths, English, Polity and more. If you don’t have any specific question and what to learn more on the subject, they are provided you with several sections form those explore the several issues of the topic of your choice.

You can also contribute to the website if you are good at a particular problem. Study-lib can be a community that can help to solve their pupil’s homework, assignments, and research study as well. No matter what you’re studying here, study-lib provides everything about education whatever you can require, especially school and college level. 

8. Humbolt    

Humbolt is one of the best platforms to give a large number of solutions through experts. Real help is available very fast to solve questions. You can get help for subjects like math, engineering, physics, business, chemistry and other more. It can provide homework help with over 80 topics. This will help to cover the toughest classes and assignments. You will get 24/7 response with video explanations, app, or website services. These services can build an interest in their students. The customized solution to fit your needs will be remarkable in the future.

The safe and secure tutoring option can help to mitigate stress from homework. They focus on a better child’s learning. Humbolt can provide the best risk-free environment, which can allow you to save a lot of time. It will be useful for both students and parents to get benefits. The professional tutors can available for each guide you to study at your pace. It’s time to learn with improved digital technology. 

9. Book Finder

Book finder is the hub of finding second handbooks, textbooks, and rare books. You can also get new and out of print books. It’s effortless to compare book prices from over 100,000 booksellers. It can provide a complete study guide with textbooks and old editions. You have to option to get rentals and books with the international publication.

This site makes it effortless to compare buyback prices. If you will get an original edition by selecting “Show more options” to refine a search. It can search by the year of publication, and choose to limit the search to first editions. Using a Bookfinder platform will guide you through a panel of the cheapest textbooks include the exact version, author, title, and publication year. 


10. Skooli

Skooli is another best online tutoring risk-free environment with the TextSheet alternative. It can create a connection from anywhere and everywhere. You can get access to the website by the smartphone, tablet, or P.C. Skooli is popular among masses because it works to boost the grade level. This is one of the most accessible routes to connect with tutors who can respond to your specific question. This website doesn’t require any hassles of subscriptions or pre-payments. You can go with it and pay just at that time when you need it.

You can opt to sign up for free, and get registered. You can acquire to access the answer keys. It is beneficial to get the benefit of chatting with your tutor or entering the online classroom. 


11. Quizlet

Another Textbook alternative is Quizlet. There are more than 50 Million active users from over 130 countries practice and master more than 300 Million study sets for all kinds of assignments, ranging from Math, all the way of Art’s and Humanities. With the help of the Quizlet app, no matter Whatever the subject hat you are studying, you will always make essential records that will exceed expectations of your learning experience. Many people can study genuinely very well with flashcards, you will be satisfied to realize a Quizlet has an amongst flashcards core can be included with the site, will learn in an easy and fast way.

Quizlets can be used by a large number of users which provide a facility for students and teachers online with the help of websites, ios, and Android apps. Quizlet Plus is available for $23.90 for a one-year subscription and Quizlet Go available at $12 for a one-year subscription. 


12. Coursera

If you want to write a research paper, Coursera is the best option for you to either study or write a research paper. Coursera was founded by a computer science professor in 2012 with a vision to provide anyone, anywhere with the access world’s best education platform. Coursera has more than 40 million active users with 3600 courses. You will discover various areas for each of the understudy on the Coursera site. Finding the subjects of your advantage and course prospectus can turn out to be very simple. 

Coursera application is also accessible in Google’s Play Store and Apple App store with the goal that you can run into the form on both Android and ios devices. It can also provide online Degrees with options over 14 courses. Coursera platform is accessible for starting at $39 per month membership. 


13. School Solver

School Solver is one of the best micro tutoring platform helping students to get relaxed and quick answers with their questions and letting online freelancers/tutors make cash very quickly. A lot of people can use their site for unblurring course hero answers and getting quick. Cheap Chegg solutions are making one of the best text sheet alternatives.

The school solver emphasis that it lets tutors earn multiple times from the same response as it diverts students who can ask the same question to a real answer. You can make a $500 from just a single solution.   


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