How to Make Money On Upwork For Beginners – Freelancing Guide 2020

Are you struggling to find the best guideline to start work and make money on Upwork? Due to the lack of knowledge and skills you are not able to get the jobs, because the skills are necessary to get the jobs and convince your clients. In this complete guide, you’ll learn everything from step by step. Don’t Worry! Let’s deep dive into details. After reading this complete guide, you’ll be able to start freelancing on Upwork with confidence.

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What is Upwork?

Upwork is a global largest marketplace where freelancers and business professionals connect and work together remotely. Clients are posting jobs and then freelancer applies on it then clients conduct interviews and hire the selected freelancer. It is one of the largest freelance marketplaces where independent contractors earn a lot of money based on their skills and experience level.

It does not mean that you can make millions of dollars from the beginning. It is depending on your job history and feedbacks. The more you have a strong work history the more you can easily win jobs.

So, if you’re new on freelancing, then you should select your favourite niche or field to work on it. As Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Graphic Designing & Marketing services are the main and highly posting jobs. Then you must have excellent communication and English (Listening/Writing/Speaking) skills. After these two things you can are ready to start your career in Upwork freelancing.

How to make money on Upwork?

– Signup or Register on Upwork

First of all, you need to register yourself on Upwork with completely original and honest details. Upwork manually review the profiles and accept or reject their application based on some factors. Many people register their profiles with incorrect and fake details, that’s why they reject the majority of application. So, make sure you do this step very carefully in order to get approved. If you want to buy approved Upwork profiles then you can try this website. We just find this website and tested their services once time. So, you can avail their services on your own decision.

– Complete Your Profile

This is your one of the most important step which decides that your profile is able to start giving services to Upwork platform or not. Therefore you should first review some experienced freelancers profiles and then put the details like them. The more your profile looks professional the more chances you’ll get approval or jobs. Must add your education, work history if any, certifications etc.

– Add Your Portfolio

Clients want to see your work portfolio so they can trust you and hire you. Your portfolio will create good impacts on your clients. Do you know on which basis clients hire 90% freelancers? First is your work history and second is your portfolio. So must prepare your excellent portfolio and try to create profiles on a different website which are usually available for portfolio and showcase.

– Buy Connects

Before 2019, Upwork gives free 60 connects on a monthly basis on your basic profile plan. But, now in order to apply for the jobs, you need to buy connects. For each connects Upwork is charging  0.15$ and normally you need 2 connects for smaller jobs and for larger jobs you need to spend 6 connects (0.90$). There are two membership plans such as basic and plus which are shown below.

How much you can make on Upwork?

This is totally based on your skills and hard work you put on your profile. There are different scenarios for different people and nature. Well, we are talking about beginners that’s mean we are focusing on start. So, at start your profile is blank and this time you need to put your efforts on it.

For Example: In the first year you will maximum $1000, and Upwork takes a 20% commission so after cutting Upwork services charges or commission you’ll get 800$. Again it is not 100% accurate, because, you can earn maybe 10000$ in the first year of freelancing.

If your client billed 500$ then Upwork will charge 20% and once your earnings are above than 500%$ from a single client. Then, from $501–$9,999, Upwork takes a 10% commission. After you‘ve billed $10k to a client, Upwork only takes a 5% commission.

How to get paid in Upwork?

This is a very good feeling question when you successfully have done your job and funds are available to withdraw. Then, we really want to receive it as soon as possible. To receive your earning or get paid in up-work, you have multiple options for it. You can transfer your money with these methods such as Direct Bank Transfer, Payoneer Mastercard, PayPal etc.

We highly recommend you use the Direct Bank Transfer method which charges less money and takes less time.

Ten Rules to become a successful freelancer on Upwork.

Freelancing is not easy until you get enough experience and work history. At the start, you cannot earn 100$ a month unless you work with a strong strategy and hard work. On average, a successful freelancer must have done 100 Jobs with highest good rating and feedback. After 100 jobs you can easily get jobs without applying. Because, you may see when you search for any type of freelancer, you get the top results of high success rate freelancers.

Check the below screenshot.

Top 10 Rules You Must Follow In Your Freelancing Career

If you want to become a successful freelancer, then you must follow these rules.

– Must-Have Proficient Skills

Before starting freelancing, you need to prepare yourself for excellent skills. You must be proficient in your field in order to win jobs and get clients satisfaction and trust. You must be able to fulfil your work commitments so you can survive in the freelancing world. You can’t earn a single dollar if you can’t deliver client needed work. Upwork works on escrow system so you can’t get paid until your client release funds.

– Create a Professional Profile

Create your profile professional as much as you can. Clients will mostly reward the job to professional people.

– Rich Value Profile Overview

Your profile overview is very important because clients know about you and your abilities from your overview or introduction. Write at least 2000 words using headings, unordered lists and paragraphs. Mention all your skills with expertise level.

– Understand Client Requirement

Before applying to any job carefully read the project requirements and understand how you can do better than others. If you believe that you can fulfil the client needs with the required time then you should apply to it.

– Write a Custom Proposal

Aw! People mostly copy-paste their proposals and that’s why they can not get the jobs quickly. Clients always know and discard the applications which are copy-pasted. You can find the jobs where clients asked to mention a word before your proposal or ask for a custom proposal. So must follow this rule to get the jobs.

– Apply for Low Budgets Jobs

To get the first job, you need to apply on low budgets jobs such as the 50$ or less. It’s not easy to get the job of 50$ or above in the start. Try to do the smallest jobs and prepare your work history with good feedback. Do your first 15-20 jobs in the lowest budgets to prove yourself and gain the work history.  After that go up with step by step and improve your monthly income from the freelancing jobs.

– Competitive Bidding Rates

Yes, Your bids must be the competitive rate in order to win the jobs. Some client wants to pay less and they always prefer the fewer bids. It’s difficult but you must do until you make your enough work history and visibility.

– Give Value to Work & Clients

After getting the work, your first priority should be client satisfaction and value to the work. If you successfully satisfy your client then you may get ongoing jobs from the same client. So, add rich value to you that proves your abilities and skills.

– Patience & Consistence

Freelancing is not as easy as regular office jobs. It always takes time and consistency to give you results. No doubt it’s a very hard job but it’s right that freelancer makes Thousand Dollars and even Million Dollars easily after spending their 3-4 years on these platforms. For the motivation, refer to the below screenshot.

– Apply on Best Time

At last, spending & applying time is important in freelancing. Apply to the jobs as much fast as you can. As we know, this is the global marketplace, people located in different places and time zones are also different. So, you should figure out the job postings countries and time zones and set your availability, so you and your clients get connected and do business together. That’s all!


We hope, after reading this article you are ready to start earning on Upwork. If you have any suggestions or questions then please feel free to ask me using the comment box below. Thanks & Good Luck 4 Freelancing!

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