Top 3 Free Tools To Analyze Your Blog Traffic

We have many tools to investigate your blog traffic stats, Some of them are paid, and a number of them are free. When it’s come to unfastened open-supply tool, I never supply a second thought about paid tools. Here I’m sharing 3 Tools that I usually use to investigate my Website stats. Here is a List of blog traffic stats tools.

1- Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the best and unfastened one. I have seen it grown from the old design to the brand new layout, which par excellence for any loose product. I even have shared an in-depth submit on What is Google Analytics, and here are a number of the other post associated with G.A, with the intention to help you to get greater out of it.

2- WordPress Jetpack Plugin

I like this plugin because I can see my site visitors stats in real-time. Most importantly it enables me loads to find out the daily stats of posts. So I can keep tune that put up is acting well. One another extraordinary function is search engine keywords and referring posts. I like all these capabilities in short, and if you are not the usage of all these, you may want to get this plugin by installing the Jetpack plugin. Another one which I have now not listed here however is quite wonderful is Statcounter which is a real-time stats program.

They additionally have an iPhone and Google Play app which makes it greater meaning. Well, there are tons of freer and paid Blog Traffic Stats devices are there in the market, however above three are something that I use on WordPress powered blog, and they deal with my need.

3- Sitemeter

Sitemeter is another exceptional tool that I use. Though I don’t apply it to all of my blogs, because with one join up they allow most effective one website monitoring, and that is something which I don’t like. Here are a number of the posts from past so that it will help you to make most out of web site meter.

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